Monday, August 26, 2013

IMC paint project (pt.1)

Once again the Inter Mountain Cup is upon us in the local Warmachine/Hordes community. The bi-annual event will be September 14th and there will be another painting giveaway from Geek Garage. Challenged with topping myself from last time I scoured the Privateer Press catalog to see what spoke to me. Many ideas came to mind, some of which I'll keep in mind for next time, but I settled on painting two trolls clashing.
 The two trolls I chose are the Pyre Troll and the Storm Troll. These are both new plastic kits and both have a good opportunity for light sources.

After cleaning them and assembling them both I started off with priming using the zenthial method.
 First troll to get paint is the Pyre Troll. Here is the skin tones with camera flash.
 Here is the skin tone sans camera flash.
 Great thing about using the airbrush is that it gives me the ability to blend colors very easily as is the case here with the fire. I used an acetylene touch as a reference to get the colors right. At this point I was happy with the results and set him to have some brush work after getting matte sealed.
 Here's the progress so far. Just a few more touch ups and some metallic work and he'll be ready.
 Up next will be the Storm Troll.

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  1. I like the use of yellow in the arms and chest, gives him a fire on the inside feel. The new sculpt is so much better and it really shows here.