Monday, December 30, 2013

Deathbloom - Shael Han - Wrath of Kings

Here is one of the last minis I have painted to finish for 2013.
I got this mini after participating for a demo at the CMON booth at Gen Con.
The resin mini challenged me to do something a little out of my comfort zone and as you can see this is the first time for me to try the NMM technique.

I hope you like. Please leave any critiques or questions in the comments below.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Best of 2013

With the holidays in full bloom and 2013 coming to an end you see a lot of reflection pieces done about the past year. We've seen a lot of great things in our hobby this year and I’d to share my list for ‘’best of’’ the year.

Company Releases
Dire Foes for Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli.
These are absolutely stunning mini packs that add a nice new element to Infinity the Game.

Myth and Wraith of Kings
These two projects have me the most excited about the upcoming year and seeing amazing looking minis on the table.

Awesome Paint Job and BuyPainted
These two YouTube personalities have helped me learn new techniques and tricks that help me improve my painting skills.

Hobby promoters
WarGamerGirl, Throne of Angels, Beasts of War community

And rumors for next year.

There are more categories out there, so comment below and feel free to share.