Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post Gen Con loot

It's been one crazy week trying to play catch up, but I can tell you I had a blast while in Indiana. A good majority of the videos for Beasts of War are getting posted while the others are in production. I enjoyed meeting the industry professionals in the hobby that I love while also setting up some important networking for the future. Coverage photos will be posted as soon as I get them all sorted out as for now let me show you what all I brought back.

Here is everything all laid out. Next time I might have to check a back just for loot.
 Guys from Corvus Belli signed my Paradiso book.
 Got a bunch of stuff from the Cool Mini or Not booth.
 You can tell I have a bad case of shiny syndrome when it comes to minis.
 Added to my Infinity collection.
 The start of a Dark Age collection. Fire Caste looks pretty cool.
Yep that's a Firefly class ship from the upcoming board game.

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