Monday, August 12, 2013

Tutorial: how to ship minitures

With the Clockwork Angels finished it is time to get them in the mail and off to Texas for the folks of Clash for a Cure. Having never shipped anything painted before I asked around and got some useful tips to share.

What you'll need is toilet paper, tape, newspaper, packing peanuts, and a nice sized box.

First step is to wrap your miniature in toilet paper. Keep it loose and tape it so it doesn't unravel too easily.
*Note be sure that your seal varnish is at least 24 hours dry or your recipient will find paper stuck to their miniature.
 Second step is to wrap again in newspaper. I used a burrito fold, again keeping it loose.
Finally I used the packing peanuts to line around the burrito. Everything should be safe and sound as the package takes the journey.

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