Monday, August 5, 2013

Clockwork Angels sunken bases (WIP pt. 2)

After letting the putty set I continued on finishing the bases for these Clockwork Angels. 
 Cleaned up the level of the putty with one of my chisels then started in with some pieces of cork and a little bit of sand. Base color is GW camo green.
 Gaze the bases a few blue/green and green/brown washes.
 The sergeant gets a gog to stand on. I aged the metal by suspended it over a seal container of vinegar overnight. To add to the patina look I also added some pastel powder.
 Here is the results before adding the water effects.
 I used Secret Weapon Realistic Water for the water effects. The results are spectacular and only needed a couple of layers to get the desired look. Some flock was also added to give a moss look.
 And here are the finished bases.

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