Monday, July 1, 2013

Geek Garage day of gaming

This past weekend I hung out with some of the folks from Geek Garage for a day of gaming and painting (painting was planned but sadly didn't happen). Started the fun in the morning and finished late in the night.

 First game we played was a 2v2 game of Infinity. Each side had a newbie player and there was mass carnage. 

 Second game was MERCS which we used the demo board that I've been working on. The double sided board will be showcased when I start work on my KemVar faction. 

 And lastly we played a 5 hero game of Super Dungeon Explore using something from all expansions. Only 3 heroes survived to the end (sadly I was not one of them). This was also the game that sucked up the painting time but was fun none the less. 

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