Thursday, March 27, 2014

Myth: unboxing wave one

Just recently I received the first wave from the Myth kickstarter. Overall the quality is top notch. Artwork is impressive and the boards are good quality. The minis themselves have a good feeling to the plastic and the detail is what you can expect from people over at MERCS.

 First thing is that this box is pretty big. I couldn't fit this thing in my normal light box so I had to use the ground for photos.

 These are some of the kickstarter exclusives that came from the campaign: story quests, metal tokens, card sleeves, metal hero plaques, and the Torch bearer mini.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend painting

Hello all,
I got the chance to get out the brushes again and thought I'd show you the outcomes so far.

First up we have eVlad. I'm painting this version without his cloak and shoulder pads. The armor is a dark red which should stand out next to Sorcha in her white armor (coming soon).

Next we have the Hellbrute from the Dark Vengeance set. I'm doing this one for fun and using him for my WGC paint threat.

More coming soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March releases from Secret Weapon

March sees some new resin bases coming from the folks over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. The theme for this month is "Scrap Yard" but don't let the name fool you as these are some high quality pieces that make any miniature stand out.

Mater sculpts by Justin McCoy and K. Anderson
These bases range from 25mm to 120mm and come in both round lip and beveled. You can purchase each base individually or in sets.

Quality of the sculpts are top notch and each base is of the high standards we've come to expect from SW. Overall these will be a great addition to your miniatures collection.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Guest judging at the Salty Dwarf painting competition

Over the weekend I took part in judging a painting competition in the Ogden area. The Salty Dwarf is an open painting competition that was held at the same time as the Inter Mountain Cup Warmachine/Hordes tournament. Along with the Salty Dwarf crew there was also famed author Larry Correia who also came to guest just the entries.

Here is how the day went down.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Painting, unboxing, and interviews

I'm back once again. Sorry for the lapse these pastfew weeks, studying at college hit a rough time of testing and projects. I have been keeping busy in the hobby when I get the chance. I recently finished a Dark Vengeance Librarian for a February challenge.
If you have been around the Games Workshop site this past week you'll have seen the new Imperial Knight. I was fortunate to get a kit for unboxing. 

I was also asked to be a guest speaker for the 40AmateurHour, these chaps are a great bunch. Feel free to give them a watch.