Friday, March 4, 2016

Draconic Awards - LVO 2016 - Anaconda Entry

February I attended the Las Vegas Open for the Warhammer 40k tournament and also to place my Anaconda TAG in the Draconic Awards painting competition. I entered in the journeymen category as I don't see myself as anywhere near what the pros can put out. All in all I think this was great event and a fun time. Frontline Gaming out on an amazing tournament event and I hope to attend next year.

Was very reluctant to bring something to this event as the piece I originally had planned has some issues with flaked primer. When I first painted the Anaconda it was for an online competition but when the decision came down to bring this to LVO I went back over the piece to give it some weathering: first to cover any mistakes and secondly to give the piece a little more character.

Please leave any questions or comments.

Photos are done by Lester Bursley of the WGC

Wild Chevy

Competition: Journeyman
Science Fiction: Single

Gold Pin!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Welcome to Operation Flamestrike

Let's go and play more Infinity!

This should be fun folks. Nothing like seeing two companies collaborating and bringing in the community too.

Do you play Infinity? Which factions do you have? Let's start rolling those dice!