Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend paint night aftermath.

So this week has been crazy with trying to get back in normal routine. My place is still a mess from unpacking but luckily I was able to get away and get some paint on the brush with some friends. Paint nights are always a bit wild with odd conversations but this group is great at helping to push each other's talent.

 Worked on my Kovnik and added some battle damage to the shield.
 Close to finishing the Clockwork Angels. Metalics and glow are all done. Just need to paint the cloth and make the basing. These will be going out in the mail soon for Clash for the Cure event.
 A while back our group did a mini swap. GoGo Marlene here was painted by the master Mr Salmond. I'm more than impressed by the work he did and I hope to gleam some insight from his technique.
GoGo gets her own spot in my display case. Now I have a painted miniature from the three guys who have inspired me the most.

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