Friday, July 12, 2013

Massive Voodoo Figure Art (unboxing)

I finally received my reward for backing Massive Voodoo's Indiegogo campaign. MV is one of the blogs that I found when I first started mini painting and have been an inspiration to me all this time. When they announced that they would produce a book I was all to thrilled to hop on board. 

So here is a little unboxing of the goods. 

Upon opening the package we see two books and a little envelope.

 Opening the envelope has a nice set of stickers and a bookmark.
The documentary book was part of the stretch goals and shows step by step process of some of MV's paintings.

The Figure Art book itself is stunning. High gloss photos each page and super detailed photographs. 

And the last page of the book has the acknowledgements to all those who contributed to the campaign. I found mine (though I doubt you'll be able to see it in this photo).

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