Friday, January 18, 2013

Relics Reinforcements!

Are you a fan of Relics by Tor Gaming? Looking to bolster up your forces or maybe start up a new faction? Soon through Kickstarter you will be able to help support the game you love and get new faction sculpts.

Don't know what Relics and want to check out the rules?
Here are the details of the Kickstarter campaign

From Tor Gaming:
"This projects aim is to fund the sculpting and moulding of as many of the remaining profiles for Relics as we can. This will give us a good amount of releases for the future and allow us to look at adding new races to the game (the C’thu and Ridend for example)."

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"Some lovely stuff, no?
All the models produced because of this project will not instantly be released for general purchase. They will go towards building a good release schedule going forward.

However, as the models are achieved on the project, we will add them to the shopping lists (see below) and if you choose them as part of you perk, you will get them once they are sculpted and cast! That means it's possible you could have the sculpts months before they are officially available!"


There are a number of rewards you can choose from on the right of this project. If the a reward included specific items, then you will get those items as stated. In addition, each reward may also allow you to choose items from the shopping lists up to a value. In this case, you will be given the choice at the end of the project to select the items you want - including the items added during this project by hitting the targets.
Starter Sets and Rulebooks
The rulebooks will be version 1.1. This will incorporate the errata and will contain a new layout. The price shown for the rulebook here is the price of the 1.0 rulebook and the new book will contain at least another 50 pages so it's a damn fine deal!
The starter sets are an idea place to start if you are not sure where to start. They give you a commander and two small sized units and allow you to get the basics of the game understood without overloading you with rules.
Shopping List Rewards
There are a number of rewards that allow you to just pick and choose what you want from the shopping lists below.These rewards give you more bang for you buck as you get to spend more than you pledged!
The Shopping Lists
Below are the shopping lists from which you can choose what you want. As more targets are hit and more items become available, we will add them to the lists and then they become options you can choose from.
Fear not, you do not need to make you choices right now, that is done after the project so you will get to choose form all the available items at that time.
General list





More to come as we hit targets!
Special Rewards
There are a few other rewards that can fall into a 'Special' category. Each of these rewards will allow you to choose from the shopping lists up to a value specified in the reward text but also come with some other special reward. These include such things as having a special Britanan Puppeteer sculpted in your likeness or having a game and lunch with Gavin, the Relics designer (he doesn't bite, but he may want cuddles). See the individual rewards for the full details.

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