Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Painting Stormwall(s) pt3

Some good news and bad news. Just recently my computer decided to get a nice corruption in Windows that's the bad news). Good news is now that I dont have a functioning computer to offer up distractions, I'll be getting a ton of more painting done. So, these posts will be a little lackluster until I can get it back up and running and use something other than my phone for pictures.

Onto the Stormwalls...
"The grey and the shiny"

I'm coming to a point now where I dont want to finish off one colored section fully as I'd rather not have a wash or errant paint stroke mess up anything, so I'm going in stages starting with base layers. 

The "white" sections are all based with Codex Grey. This will be built up later to the off white grey color I'm hoping to achieve. 

Metalics base color is a mix of Boltgun Metal and VMA Gun. Next steps will be a black wash. 
Gold areas got a base color of VGC Brassy Brass. A black/brown wash will be what follows. 

As you see here my method will be base color, wash, then highlight layers. Simple in theory but time consuming in practice (the joys of being a perfectionist).   

Until next time,

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