Saturday, July 7, 2012

Painting Stormwall(s) pt2

Here is part 2 "Blues and the Glows."
The "Blues"

The blue was done using my airbrush.
I used Vallejo Game Color Imperial Blue and Magic Blue.
Base layer was a mix of 3:2
Highlight layer was a mix of 1:1 focusing on the top areas and places that would catch the light naturally.

After everything was dry I sealed it all with a matte varnish to protect those thin layers of paint.

The "Glows"
The glowing power areas were painted with a brush using Citadel colors.
Paints are Hawk Turquoise, Ice Blue, and Ceramite White.

Base layer was pure Ice blue followed by a wash of Hawk Turquoise.
First highlight layer is a mix of Ice blue and White 1:1 focusing on the center spots of the areas.
Second highlight uses the same colors but the ratio is 1:2 going over the same areas as the first highlight but in a smaller line.
After the highlights dried I tied everything together with a wash of Hawk Turquoise and Ice Blue 1:1.

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