Friday, March 4, 2016

Draconic Awards - LVO 2016 - Anaconda Entry

February I attended the Las Vegas Open for the Warhammer 40k tournament and also to place my Anaconda TAG in the Draconic Awards painting competition. I entered in the journeymen category as I don't see myself as anywhere near what the pros can put out. All in all I think this was great event and a fun time. Frontline Gaming out on an amazing tournament event and I hope to attend next year.

Was very reluctant to bring something to this event as the piece I originally had planned has some issues with flaked primer. When I first painted the Anaconda it was for an online competition but when the decision came down to bring this to LVO I went back over the piece to give it some weathering: first to cover any mistakes and secondly to give the piece a little more character.

Please leave any questions or comments.

Photos are done by Lester Bursley of the WGC

Wild Chevy

Competition: Journeyman
Science Fiction: Single

Gold Pin!

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