Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend of projects

This weekend was a  busy one for me as I noticed that I have a lot of various projects that I need to get done. Also with San Diego Comic Con coming up I need to figure out what costume to make. Here is what I busted out over the weekend. 
 This monster is an Eldar Vampire Hunter from Forgeworld. I am painting the basecoat colors for a friend and trying to build a base for him. So far painting the top color is what I've got done.

 This miniature is for a miniature swap event that I am doing with Geek Garage blog. Going for a metal with a  pink tone so it matches the color scheme of the owner's army.
 This beast is a Hordes Legion Archangel. I was finally able to get the kit cleaned, primed, and sub assembled. As big as it is I'll have to get innovated with handling while I paint.

And here is the mark of my local success in painting. Saturday I went to my local shop to pick up the new Eldar codex and someone was so impressed with my Riptide that he handed me his new Wraithknight kit and asked for me to paint it. I'll do an unboxing video later this week. 


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