Thursday, March 27, 2014

Myth: unboxing wave one

Just recently I received the first wave from the Myth kickstarter. Overall the quality is top notch. Artwork is impressive and the boards are good quality. The minis themselves have a good feeling to the plastic and the detail is what you can expect from people over at MERCS.

 First thing is that this box is pretty big. I couldn't fit this thing in my normal light box so I had to use the ground for photos.

 These are some of the kickstarter exclusives that came from the campaign: story quests, metal tokens, card sleeves, metal hero plaques, and the Torch bearer mini.

Here is some of the boards and counter sheets. Color and artwork are crisp and nicely done.

 The standard box comes with 41 miniatures all made out of plastic and pre-assembled.

 Here are the 5 heroes ready for action.
 The spiders.
And lastly the orcs.

I need to get reading up on the rules so I can get a game going to let you all know how it is so you can pick up a copy for yourself.


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