Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tau and Cake (part 4)

Here is how I achieved the camouflage pattern on the Riptide.

Step 1. Basecoat the Riptide in GW Tau light ochre.
Step 2. I took a metal ruler and laid a strip of masking tape on it. Then used a sharp new xacto blade and cut wave pattern strips. 
Step 3. Mask of different areas of the Riptide keeping in mind not to have the mask too close to any other strip of tape. 
Step 4. I covered the Riptide with the second color with is a mix of ochre and GW Skrag brown. 
Step 5. Same as step 3 but also masked over the first layer of tape. This stage it is good to keep in mind what the final color areas will be. 
Step 6. Laid down the final color which was pure Skrag brown.
Step 7. After leaving the pieces cure in the bright Utah sun I removed the mask and sealed everything with matte varnish before going and painting with a brush.

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