Thursday, May 23, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures unboxing

I went and spoiled myself and made an order from Secret Weapon Miniatures so I could pimp out a few of my personal projects.

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I'll be using the 120mm trench base for my Khador Conquest.

These clay bricks bring to life a base pretty nicely. You'll probably see these in future projects.

Skulls!!!! A whole bag of skulls. The possibilities for these are endless.
The hollow base will be used for my Infinity Haqqislam Maghariba Guard.

I bought these sandbags on impulse. They should be interesting to work with on bases.
Realistic Water is something that I've wanted to try, no time like the present. 

Also picked up some pigments to add that little bit of flare to my weathering. 

In the comments section of my order I put "Have Mister Justin draw something cool on my  package." Never would have expected to see such a unique picture but I'll treasure this as a one off piece of art from an amazing man. Just goes to show you what you get when you ask nicely. 

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