Friday, April 19, 2013

Lady Aiyana & Master Holt base

I remembered that I took photos documenting the base I did for Lady Aiyana & Master Holt. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. 
Here are the tools I used. Most are basic sculting tools that can
be found at any hobby shop. The brass rod was hammered out
to create the cobblestone and the sponge helps create a texture.
Super Sculpey firm and miliput are what I use to create the
stonework. the ratio is 1:1.

I added cork board to a piece of plastic card to give an even
height and added magnets so the painted minis wont go
flying around in transport.  

With the putty mix flattened out I laid flat strip and built
up the basic shape of the diorama. I used the brass rod to
create the stone shapes then waited for everything to cure.

After curing I went over each stone to clean up them up and
freed the bases from the putty. The lamp was a mix of tube
scraps the I found at the hobby store. 

To add to the scene I mixed some white glue and water,
painted all the cracks in between the stones and dusted the
whole thing with fine sand. At this point the base was ready
for priming and paint. 

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