Friday, October 26, 2012

Iron Kingdoms preview

The local painters group along with a few fellow gamers will be starting a campaign next month for Iron Kingdoms RPG.

Here is a preview of what my character will be (converted mini soon to come.)

Human, Khador, Arcane Mechanik/Man-at-Arms
"Former member of the Khadorian Special Recon group, a squad designed to learn the enemy forces' rune magics so to better protect the motherland. Trained in the arcane and close quarters combat these individuals were sent behind enemy lines to gather intel. After a ambush in a old Orgoth ruin he was left for dead by his squad after falling into a crypt during their retreat. Surviving by his will Vasily sets out to continue his quest to learn new runes and avenge his fallen brothers."

If you're unfamiliar with Iron Kindoms RPG you can find all the information here.

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