Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Secret Weapon trench base

Recently I picked up a Bag o' Crap from Secret Weapon Miniatures and was blown away by the amount of resin I received. So the first thing I did was toss everything into the sink with some dish soap. Since I was already washing resin I decided to gather up all the other pieces I had and got them in the bath.

Once the bases were dried I sorted them all out and my painting bug took over. This trench base is for the Khador Conquest project that I have yet to start. No time like the present to get this lovely base all painted up and will give motivation to start on the next part of the project.

I use spray primer on my resin projects as it has a better bite than the acrylic stuff I use in my airbrush.
 A WIP photo showing off the rust.
Here is the final product. I used pigment powders to give some of the areas a dusty effect. The mud was glossed with floor polish.

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