Friday, November 1, 2013

Journeyman week 2

Busy week with midterms and such but I did manage to get a game in for week 2 of the Journeyman league. This weeks points is at 15 and still using battle box. For my list I added the wardog and Kayazy Eliminators. 
My opponent this week was Retribution fielding two mage hunters with his battle box. Scenario was deadman's land, 8" strip in the middle of the board that we had to dominate to score points. 
My strategy was to focus on killing his mage hunters that he set out to flank from both sides. My eliminators took care of one and a failed assassination run left the other in killing distance of Butcher. The final turn had us both battling out with our caster and 'Jacks in the zone. The Ret player went for a final all out push but the dice were not with him and his plan fell to pieces. He ended up giving me the game after that. 

Still learning and these games are helping me to see the synergy of play. 

Painting is also underway. I'm trying to go for table top quality + on the big units and working on getting my casters finished. 'Jacks might be getting some airbrush treatment here soon. 

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