Tuesday, April 16, 2013

100th Post!!

Hard to imagine but it looks like I've hit my first milestone in blogging with this being my 100th post.
Here's what to look forward to in the upcoming future.

With the spring semester almost over I will be able to get back into the grind of painting the hughe collection of miniatures I've collected over the years. With the Geek Garage I will be painting something for their upcoming miniature swap event along with whatever task they assign me for the next Inter Mountain cup.


You might have seen that the video quality is getting better and that's thanks to practice and learning the editing software. I hope to get more proficient in capturing the work I do with paint jobs on miniatures in the months to come. Unboxing, reviews, and maybe even interview video are planned for the future.

This summer has a nice lineup of conventions to look forward to. I'll be attending San Diego Comic Con, GenCon Indy, and possibly PAX Prime (if they ever post their dates). Be on the look out for photos and video from these events.

I'm still open to paint commision pieces for the local gamers in the area. I do these not to make money but for the chance to paint up something new. There are a lot of great miniatures out in the world and I'm just glad the ones that make it to my painting desk find a happy home.

I'm still a little addicted to kickstarters, but slowing down a bit. Thankfully some of the projects are starting to ship and I'll be able to show everyone all the new goodies. Here's what I'm currently funding:

Wow 100 posts good job on you mate.

Thanks, it was a lot of hard work but I can see improvement. 

What took you so long to get to 100?

I've been busy with going back to college. You know, trying to start a business and build a better life.

I think you've just been slacking off all these months. Blogging can't be all that hard.

...You know nothing. 
This is why I dislike uptight penguins. 

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