Thursday, August 23, 2012

GenCon floor walk (CMON)

So the CMON area was huge, I mean really huge, they took up 3 stalls and each one was packed full of stuff. All the staff that was there were really helpful and I got to demo some games that I look forward to play in the future.

To start off we have the fabulous Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

 Kingdom Death display case

 CMON store display case

 Confrontation: Phoenix edition beta rules play
 Sedition Wars demo. Got to meet Mike McVey who thanked everyone that helped with the Kickstarter campaign.
 Studio McVey display case

 Zombicide demo
 This was the Zombicide stack Thursday and by Sunday there was very little left.
 Dark Age Core faction.
Side note: I thought I had more photos of the Dark Age stuff as they have some great looking figs.

Dark Age bases.

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