Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bombs & Bunnies - Avatar design ideas

Just trying to get a feel for what people imagine their Avatars to be for B&B. This game is set in a digital world where your imagination can run wild. Cyberpunk and anime give a lot of room for what someone's character can be. 

Leave a comment below and describe what your Avatar, if it could be sculpted, would be. 
Please include: Avatar's name, fictional bio, guild name, and general description of what your avatar would look like to you.

1 comment:

  1. Go easy on me this is my first build...
    Guild: Limit Breakers
    Bio: Speed is everything to "e". He moved out of his parents home when it was clear he couldn't reduce his lag time any further. Small time tournaments kept this quiet loner afloat while he quietly built a custom rig and connection in the backstop of a local gaming house of dubious reputation. The Breakers took him in when they caught him splicing into their dedicated trunk line while attempting to lower his ping. He's still new to the game but his speed and tenacity put him on the up and coming list. Many opponents remark they only see him twice: In the loading room and walking away from their digital remains.
    Description: Every color, every surface has been pared down in sacrifice to the FPS gods. A jet black costume with pure white highlights. Imagine a TRON ninja with parkour posing.

    Standard level stats:
    A4, D-, S5, PT-, Wire Cutter Scythe,Zip Quick!, Lightening Strike, Hackmeister.